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01 / Mobile Protector

Protect cellular communications against interception without any change for the user: no new dialer, no encryption keys, no interaction with an app - just like an antivirus for your mobile communications.

An agent on the user's device works in unison with a network based engine to detect and mitigate unauthorized manipulations of communications such as: SS7-based call/SMS interception and man-in-the-middle (MITM) cellular interception.

02 / Verified SMS/OTP

Your SMS communications with customers, partners and employees are susceptible to interception. When SMS is used for 2nd factor authentication (2FA) or password recovery, it can also be leveraged by criminals to commit fraud and take over online-accounts.

Vaulto's Verified SMS & OTP services enables you to use SMS for your business process while verifying that the message is reaching the intended recipient.

03 / VA Service

Too often organizations are unaware of the exposure of current business processes to Cellular (SS7 and MITM) interception.

Vaulto offers the world's first telecom vulnerability assessment (VA) service, to work with your organization to discover and uncover if and how attackers can leverage the cellular network to compromise business processes, and personal/businesses data.

Vaulto SS7 Protection for smartphone



Working with you, we protect your critical business processes that are conducted via the cellular network. Whether it's an account secured with an OTP (On Time Password) sent via SMS, a transaction verification call or even call with a business associate, cellular interactions are susceptible to interception and manipulation.

To protect you and your customers, we secure such interactions, preventing malicious account takeover, eavesdropping, identity theft and many other personal and business risks.


Imagine interacting with your financial service provider electronically or by phone without either of you ever needing to concern yourselves with establishing and verifying each other's identity or intent. That's our simple vision -seamless trust for business assets and processes.

Until we can realize our full vision we focus on one thing, adding security to your businesses processes and interactions, specifically those leveraging the vast interconnected global cellular network.
We work with enterprises and organizations worldwide to secure internal and customer focusing business processes.
So basically were all about providing security in an inherently insecure environment.


The one question that repeats itself in every interaction we have with prospects, partners, analysts, investors and candidates is "how do you do it?", too often even people who are aware of the risks we protect against, assume that they are just something we need to live with.

Our answer is simple -- it takes one to know one. Most of us have worked on "the other side of the equation" and joined our voyage to do good. 

We leverage similar assets to those that attackers have at their disposal to build our and provide our solutions and services. So essentially the only difference between cyber-attackers and ourselves is in the utility of our craft...


A huge small difference. 



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