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SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate

Speaker: Tobias Engel​

You have a tracking device in your pocket.

Companies are now selling the ability to track your phone number wherever you go. With a precision of up to 50 meters, detailed movement profiles can be compiled by somebody from the other side of the world without you ever knowing about it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. SS7 is the global telecommunications backbone network. You use it every time you make a call, receive a text message or use the mobile network's internet access. But to be reachable, the network has to know your location. And access to the SS7 network is getting easier and easier, without the security measures keeping up. As a follow-up to 25C3's "Locating Mobile Phones using SS7" this talk will offer a look at what has changed in the last six years. I will show how easy it is for intelligence services and criminals to circumvent the network's defenses to get the data they want, just based on your phone number.

Telegram account takeover with SS7

Watch As Hackers Hijack WhatsApp Accounts Via Critical Telecoms Flaws

Video shows a way of stealing Telegram messages by attacking a part of the backbone of telecoms networks known as SS7. Read more at:

Advanced interconnect attacks

Karsten Nohl, Luca Melette: Advanced interconnect attacks

The largest weaknesses of mobile network are well hidden from users: Information exchanged between different mobile networks expose users to fraud and privacy risks.

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